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33 comments on “Tributes”

  1. Diana Louise Comer

    I pray every day for the Jewish people. May God continue to bless you as He promised your father Abraham.


  3. Thank you for memorializing your dear friends in such a loving and proactive way. May your efforts be blessed toward the journey of recognition and peace nationally and internationally.

  4. This is what I wrote last year shortly after this tragedy happened:
    Tree of Life,
    Some of your branches are bare,
    Others left broken
    Because of what happened there.

    Why does this happen, again and again,
    It’s turned into a painful refrain,
    For our people, subjected to hate,
    Too many left lying at Heaven’s gate.

    Too many alive who will always recall the horror,
    They will never forget, They will live on, but yet,
    They will always be haunted by the terror of that day
    The images locked in their minds will stay,

    This is not the first time,
    We can only pray it’s the last.
    But since history repeats itself,
    Can we expect change based on our past?

    Persecution, execution, torture and torment,
    Pogroms, slavery, Holocaust, are what we were sent,
    But somehow we survived all those,
    Which shows our existence is what the L-rd meant.
    But this latest blow against us,
    Makes tears flow down our faces.
    And sucks the breath out of our bodies.

    For those of us who weren’t there,
    It’s as if we were, our hearts laid bare
    As we share the pain with our Jewish family,
    While our hearts are heavy knowing
    What happened there should not have happened,
    But all of us fearing it can happen on another day.
    Somewhere, anywhere.

    But we don’t stand alone today,
    Cause many found love in their hearts,
    And feel our pain, share our pain,
    Cause they know this can happen again and again,
    To us, to them, cause hate has no limits,
    And they realize an attack on our people,
    Is an attack on all people,
    They refuse to let hate dominate,
    Does hate leave a message that it reigns supreme,
    Or will the day come when love confronts hate’s call.
    And wrestles it to the ground,
    Never to be heard from again?

    Those who reached out to us are people from all beliefs,
    Who feel how our minds and bodies are tortured,
    And seek to make wrong cease,
    Its endless parade of torment to our souls.
    When all we seek is peace.
    Peace to be who we are, have always been, and will always be,
    Only asking to be allowed to worship as we wish.

    Too many hearts are broken mourning our loss,
    Just one life too high a cost.
    Does Satan laugh at our misfortune,
    For the people who do this are clearly his disciples.
    While the disciples of love have come forth,
    To share our sadness and help us mourn.
    And their care and concern buoy our spirts,
    Even as our spirits are at their lowest.
    And as they chose to stand with us,
    We will stand with them
    If this was ever to happen again.

    I sense this has left the world,
    Feeling how deeply our hearts throb in pain,
    You may not believe as we believe,
    But this is a time for all people to grieve.
    And this is my heartfelt plea,
    Will you cry some tears with me?

  5. Love is stronger than hate. We remember them and we are thankful for their lives, and for the love they gave and received. Their memories are a blessing. We commit to the way of love.

  6. I offer my condolenses and stand in solidarity with you against hatred and violence. May time help in some way to heal the pain of your losses.

  7. Deborah Halpern

    To the Pittsburgh community and members of The Tree of Life Synagogue: as the one year anniversary of last year’s massacre approaches, please know that you do not stand alone. Many of us have reached out to our representatives to voice our anger and sorrow at the loss of the eleven congregants and have been pleased to have their support to identify and address the actions of those who hate in our community. While we cannot bring back those who died, we can work and will continue to work to make our world safer for all.

  8. Shalom & belated Shana Tova! Words alone cannot express the depth of our sorrow over this tragic incident almost a year ago. And it happened on my birthday. May the memory of those eleven precious souls be forever a memory. Amen.

  9. I will say Kaddish for the victims on October 27 because a rabbi once told me the more times Kaddish is said, the higher the souls of the departed will elevate. I hope this is true.

  10. Each of is a part of the Pittsburgh community, feeling the sadness and reverberation of the eleven lives lost.
    May each of their lives be for a blessing.

  11. Sandra Remilien

    I pray that God comforts the people who lost relatives at Tree of Life synagogue. I pray that God protects the Jewish people.

  12. S. .Jack Lieberman

    Our temple in Brigantine New Jersey well always remember the tragedy that you suffered and we stand with you

  13. We haven’t forgotten you. May the memories of those lost be a blessing.
    Working for peace and kindness in Newton, MA

  14. So sorry for the loss of 11 lives last year. Our Rabbi mentioned this at Yom Kippur services. We feel uniquely connected to you as we are Congregation Dor Hadash in San Diego. It could have been us having been murdered. There has already been a loss of life (shooting) this year at Chabad in Poway a few miles away from our worship space.
    No place for Hate.
    Carol Yeomans

  15. Jaklin Kornfilt

    Remembering the victims and hoping that we will be able to overcome all the hate that surrounds us, if we stay together and try to heal each other.

  16. Just letting you know that I continue to think of those 11 innocent souls who lost their lives in the terrible anti-semitic attack on the synagogue in Pittsburgh last October and that I hope and pray that the survivors are able to heal and continue on with their lives as best they can.

  17. Sending much love to all in Pittsburgh from California on the anniversary of loss in your community.

  18. Sherrilynn Palladino

    Although raised Presbyterian by a lapsed Catholic Father and agnostic or atheist Mother, became Methodist in my adulthood and now attending an Episcopalian church, my thoughts and prayers are for those involved targeted by gun or any other violence, whether Jew, Gentile, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist or any other religion. Peace be unto your congregation.

  19. Remembering the Lives Lost on that Dark Day nearly One Year Ago. May each of their Memories be a Blessing.