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296 comments on “Tributes”

  1. I appreciate you and your commitment to reach out to include us all in the efforts to solve the hearts of hate that propel horrible acts.

  2. Rhonda HorwitzRomano

    We are with you every day in love and solidarity from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado 💫

  3. Joan Lieberman-Brill

    Bless the people who perished – they will not be forgotten. Love to your congregation and to the survivors and families.

  4. “Lord, be gracious to us; we long for you. Be our strength every morning, our salvation in time of distress.”
    Isaiah 33:2

    May the Lord, and the knowledge that people around the world lift you up in prayer, continue to strengthen you as you grieve.

  5. Shalom! My thoughts & prayers are with you on this solemn anniversary. Oct. 27th is also my birthday. How could I ever forget? And a few years ago on a trip to Pittsburgh I was very close to the Tree of Life Synagogue. May the victims’ memories be for a blessing. Amen.

    David Silver
    West Hartford, CT

  6. To Our Friends in Pittsburgh, PA,
    Blessings to all of you from The Interfaith Peace Project, Pittsburg, CA.
    Our hearts continue to break as we remember. But our hope is stronger because of the courage of the Pittsburgh Community. We pledge to always stand with you as we remember and work together for peace.
    Thomas P. Bonacci
    Executive Director

  7. The commemorative program at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial held yesterday (October 27, 2019 was outstanding in every way. As a member of Dor Hadash, I am one of many who are still grieving the loss of Jerry Rabinowitz. While it was heart wrenching to watch the videos which were so wonderfully produced for the families of the victims, we were saddened not to be able to have this in Jerry’s memory. Assuming this was the wish of his wonderful wife, Miri, we understand and support her wishes.
    In any case the entire program defies description — the collaboration of so many, the many hours of hard work, the involvement of so many — it was rich beyond belief. Thanks to all who had a hand — or even a finger — in it.

  8. The lives that were lost are in my thoughts and will not be forgotten. Praying for encouragement and healing over these families as well as peace and respect over our country.

  9. Dear fellow believers,

    I mourn with you the loss of the members of your synagogue. Hatred of any kind is an abomination to God.

  10. My wife and I are not Jewish but we are concerned and astonshed at the age enduring hatred directed toward Jewish people
    We stand with you always every day pray for the peace of Jerusalem and when possible we write in love to inform many key people of the truth of history and the wonderful blessings the Israel and Jewish people have brought to the world.
    May I just point out that in spite of all the oppression and hatred,a modern day miracle has taken place in that true Christians,are now standing with Israel all the world over.
    God bless

  11. Eliot Schickler

    What happened last year is heartbroken and I feel horrible over this tragedy! May the 11 Rest In Peace and Never Again needs to mean something!

  12. Dear Pittsburgh community
    Sending you our thoughts and prayers from Los Angeles. We haven’t forgotten the tragedy and hateful violence that you endured and of course the loss of beautiful souls. May you be safe and may their memories be a blessing.
    Lauren R

  13. I will never forget. And when I tell your story I intertwine it with the New Zealand attack on Muslims and the Dylan Roof attack on the Christians and on and on. I speak of the peace that I feel visiting the respective houses of worship and how welcoming I felt. How warmly I was greeted even though they were in deep mourning. I bring that message to those that are afraid to reach out out of fear so that hopefully that fear is replaced by compassion.

  14. Today, and indeed everyday, we are one family, a family that has suffered loss, that has been victimized and brutalized by the hatred exhibited all too frequently in our society today. Although I live thousands of miles away in Los Angeles, today I’m a member of your family, reaching out to tell you that I am with you in spirit in these dark moments and hopefully, in the good moments to come as well.

  15. It hardly seems like a year has gone by. I will pray for the solace of the families and for community unity.

  16. gave blood and attended the memorial service today with my 85 year old parents, husband and daughter. thank you all so much for the work you put into making this happen so that we all could contribute in some way. beautiful words from the presenters.

    where can i purchase the button that was worn today?

  17. Although I am Catholic, I still stand with you. We are all one people and we all mourn when tragedy strikes. I pray everyday that we can all be accepting of one another and live in harmony.

  18. We must help create a world where history does not repeat itself in different towns/cities/counties/states/countries over and over with actions that harm innocent people we disagree with or do not respect or perhaps understand!
    Unfortunately history illustrates human beings being hurtful in so many ways to individuals and groups in far too many situations or locations. Vigilance and education is an antidote to this phenomena which we guess is as old as time.

  19. As a Jew, I feel the pain of yet another massacre. I send love and prayers to the families of those murdered, and continue to be heartened by their desire to move forward in life with strength and courage.

  20. Ann Marie Fuccillo

    We Shall Never Forget:
    Joyce Fienberg
    Richard Gottfried
    Rose Mallinger
    Jerry Rabinowitz
    Cecil Rosenthal
    David Rosenthal
    Bernice Simon
    Sylvan Simon
    Daniel Stein
    Melvin Wax
    Irving Younger

    Overcome EVIL with GOOD. Donation was made in Honor of their memories. Christians must speak out against Anti-Semitism. Zero Tolerance

  21. Cantor Risa Wallach

    Sending prayers for refuah/healing and chizuk/strength to the Tree of Life and Or L’simcha Congregation. May the memories of the martyrs of Pittsburgh be for an enduring blessing.

  22. Three days after the pain, I held a service of rememberance at my small college in Beverly Massachusetts. I called it Love, Not Hate, and we had a prayer service, community art project, musicians, and moving discussion. The Jewish Community of my school was rewarded for their efforts by winning the “Educational Event of the Year”. Your pain is felt so much farther than the immediate community. I still haven’t recovered from this loss, and I am just a college student multiple hours away. I am here for you, Please don’t be a stranger.

  23. I grieve with the Jewish community of Pittsburgh for your loss. and I stand with you in the fight against hate. Let our strength and love help you heal. You are not alone. May we all be free to worship and live as Jews without fear. We are here for you.

  24. Each life is a pearl of beauty. I remember and mourn their loss.
    ” Where there is love there is life.”
    – Mahatma Gandhi

  25. I weep for your loss and pray to HaShem for your healing. As a lay leader yesterday, my D’var Torah was an attempt to connect the love of the Eternal Creator in B’reishit and the horrific hatred visited on your beautiful community one year ago. Today it is so clear that you have made that connection. Tree of Life is the most fitting name your synagogue could have. Thank you for being a light to all of us.

  26. Please know that our hearts are one with yours. I will try to honor you best through a life of love, fellowship, and acceptance. My my heart is full of prayers and love to you and the families and loved ones you left behind. I honor your lives and the legacies cut short; I will do my best to be the kind of person Mr. Rogers would want us to be and live with honor, acceptance, and love.

    Many blessings.

  27. I do, of course, remember the awesomely sad shooting a year ago. I hope that somehow you and I and many others will find a way to work together to build a better world.

  28. The loss of innocent lives was devastating. My heart is sad at the resurgence of so much public AntiSemitism today.
    Sending love, hugs, and prayers to all.

  29. Joy Stoll Danzig

    Heartfelt condolences on this one-year memorial to all those who lost loved ones in the Tree of Life synagogue in Squirrel Hill. We must reaffirm our Jewish heritage and take steps to assure the safety of Jewish communities throughout the world.

  30. John Paul Zinner

    Words fail me when I think of and remember the acts of hatred humans perpetrate on each other… But I am reminded of my beliefs that one day we shall all be United in a common humanity that will bring with it a new day and age of peace and love and beauty that is unimaginable by the haters and they will be gone forever. You are blessed to know and participate in that future reality today and to be the forerunners of a new world. Humanity is lost and meaningless without you. With my love and the love of my family we are with you. Be strong. John, AJ, Larry, Tiger Lilly and Wadi Rose.

  31. I was shocked by the act of antisemitism and domestic terrorism, which took place in Pittsburgh one year ago. Growing up in New York City, I naively believed that we were now “safe” as Jews. This act horrific act brought home to me that we as Jews are never safe. My heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones last year!😢

  32. Thinking of you today and the memories of those lost. I stand with you against hate and violence! Working and praying for a better tomorrow.

  33. Thinking of you today and praying for your comfort:
    Let the good in me connect with the good in others, until all the world is transformed through the compelling power of love.
    Nachman of Breslov

  34. Our thoughts and prayers are for those innocent lives lost and families grieving – but thoughts and prayers are not enough. As a Jewish woman I am horrified that the response to anti Semitic acts like this have not caused the nation to speak up, or act legislatively. Worldwide hate must be met with strength and courage – Never Again has to be our watch words.

  35. Jenny Hirshfeld-cytron

    May the memories of those that were lost be a blessing. Love will forever trump hate.