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296 comments on “Tributes”

  1. I and my wife Beverly are writing to both remember and honor the brave and wonderful people who lost their lives one year ago today. We pray for their eternal souls and for your congregation to be able to recover and prosper. May the memories of those recently departed from this world be for a blessing for all who knew and loved them and an inspiration to the rest of the Jewish people. Am Israel Chai. Sincerely, Shalom, Alan Friedman

  2. I too am a proud Jewish woman. Never again means not now too. I’m so sorry for the brutal, hateful massacre of my fellow Jews in Pittsburgh.
    Baruch Dayan HaEmet.🔯💔

  3. My heart goes out to your whole community as it mourns the loss of some of its members on the first anniversary of their deaths. Let us fight against hatred and all types of discrimination, including by electing officials who will promote protecting individuals’ rights and not foster division and hatred.

  4. Helen McCauslin

    Our hearts can never forget the devastating results of anti-semitism. Let us work together to build persons whose hearts never hate but always love.

  5. I pray for those who have lost loved ones. I pray for the community affected by this atrocity. I pray for the peaceful day we will no longer worry for our safety as Jewish People.

  6. We remember those who were killed just for being Jewish and living their lives and attending the temple.

  7. All the time in the world will not make this day easier for those who were there. To those who lost someone
    that day my heartfelt love and hope are with you that this kind of thing will end in this country.

  8. Janice Hochstat-Greenberg

    There are no words that can take away the pain & loss that you must feel especially on this day.

    Just know that I am one of many sending love, strength, prayers & blessings to you & your loved ones.
    Janice Hochstat Greenberg
    Jersey City, New Jersey

  9. Your pain and loss will not be forgotten. For me, the best way to honor the memory of this loss is to work together with others to fight discrimination, hate and violence wherever and whenever it occurs.
    My thoughts will always be with you.
    Judi Cohen

  10. I am here at a memorial event in Atlanta and am thinking of your community today and always. May you find strength from the rest of the country and the world and may your beloved congregants’ legacies live on forever.

  11. I write here to express my sympathy for the families and friends of the eleven, solidarity with the Jewish community of Pittsburgh, and commitment to the Jewish people.

  12. My heart goes out to the family members whose loved ones tragically died one year ago today and to your entire congregation. I think of you all as I volunteer for ADL. Sending you healing wishes.

  13. We are thinking of you with strength and solidarity.

    Michael P Davis
    Alberto J Bird
    Bronx NY

  14. I share your sorrow and join all around the world who strive for acceptance of each other’s differences, peace, and love.

  15. Devorah Shulamit

    I will remember & continue to work for harmony, unity & peace. May you all rest in peace. I will be taking part in our local community in Toledo Ohio next Sunday. A day to remember!
    Shalom, Devorah Shulamit

  16. Jews stand solid and together. Remember the Holocaust. It can be tough being a Jew, but it can also be a tremendous source of pride and strength.

  17. At such a sad anniversary We can send love and compassion to the people of the Jewish community of Pittsburg.
    As our world gets more fractionalized – education, truth and love for all

  18. Alison R Hurwitz-Kelman

    Just as we lit Shabbat candles on Friday night to honor the fourth commandment of remembering and keeping holy the light of Shabbat, may we remember the lives lost and honor these 11 lives by keeping our faith and knowing that our holiness keeps us stronger, righteous, and together. Zichronam Livracha.

  19. Members of the Baha’i Faith in Cumberland Valley stand with our brothers and sisters. We honor your pain and loss and continue to not only send prayers, but are working to build a safe, inclusive, and welcoming community where hate has no home. Please accept our love and prayers and know that we are with you.

  20. Today we lost eleven beautiful people to a senseless gun murder. One of those people was my Beloved family friend and Doctor.. Jerry Rabinowitz. He didn’t have to run back inside to save lives that day after he escaped, but that was who he was. A man with passion and love and hope. May his life be a blessing.

  21. We in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, a community not very different from Squirrel Hill, remember you and mourn with you on this sad anniversary. May the victims be remembered as blessings, may all of you be comforted among the mourners of Zion, and may you rebuild your community in peace and loving kindness. Let us all work for a world in which violence is no more. Let us all work to change the world so there is no hate.

  22. Every day I’m inspired to help repair the world because of losses like that which you have endured. We, as Jews, will stand strong and victorious over those who would try to diminish us. My heart and soul are with you as you grieve and repair.

  23. Steven Altarescu

    The effects of acts of violence reverberate but are drowned out by the strength and courage of our love and compassion.

  24. Theodore J Bomba Jr

    Throughout history my Jewish brothers and sisters have been the targets of bigotry. One year ago today eleven men and women were senselessly slaughtered in their sacred place of worship simply because of their religious heritage. Eleven lives cut short by a hatred that is passed down from generation to generation and person to person as though it is something to cherish.
    We must never forget . . .

  25. Sending blessings to everyone in Pittsburgh.
    It was amazing to see how the entire community expressed such love and caring to the Jewish community after this terrible tragedy.
    Peace and love to you all and to us all.

  26. My thoughts are with the families and Tree of Life synagogue whose 11 members lost their lives a year ago today. Let’s work together to have peace and love in the world and end all hate.

  27. With deepest sympathies and wishes for comfort in your great loss. Our hearts are broken with you and our voices and love stand with you.

  28. May their memory be a blessing for those who lost their lives in this hateful act. May we one day unite and become an example to the world about tolerance, support, and kindness.

  29. I pray for peace and justice in this troubled time. My mother was born in Pittsburgh and grew up in Squirrel Hill, so the terrible crime against the Jewish community there affected me particularly closely. I hope that the people there are staying well amidst their sad memories.

  30. May you have some comfort and support in knowing that you are never alone, and that you, your families and your loved ones will be remembered everyday.

  31. Remember. Repair. Together. It hurts to remember, it is a long road to repair, but we will do it together, as a community.

    My heart is with Pittsburgh today. We are stronger together!

  32. May their memory be for a blessing. I hope there is some comfort in knowing that many people mourn your loss with you and wish you peace and love.

  33. May you be blessed with the gifts of courage and hope, as you continue to answer evil with goodness and hatred, with understanding.

  34. Many relatives in Pittsburgh… we’re crying with you… May your memories be a blessing to all…

  35. I am in heart & soul with the families who lost their beloved
    ,with those who were hurt,
    with the whole cmmunity in Pgh.
    may it be the last event of the kind.
    may you regain the feel of security & peace.
    I am sending you love & light from Israel,
    with hope for a better tommorow.

  36. The tragedy in Pittsburg should be a Paul Revere moment in America. I hope the profound sadness and loss you suffered galvanizes the American people. and government to fight against the white ultra-nationalism that threatens this nation.

  37. Today is a day of sadness and remembering for all Jews across the US. I think of your community often and work in my community to prevent further acts of hate. I send love to all the families touched by this crime.

  38. My heart bled for you last year and it is heavy today, remembering this horrible act of hate and murder. I wish peace and love for all of you and for all persecuted people everywhere.

  39. Dearest Friends,Brothers, Sisters,and Families,
    Today,as always,we remember your shock,pain and loss on this horrid anniversary.
    We shall continue to work together to stand up to those who are so filled with ignorance and hate.
    May we all be blessed with a future of love,safety,good health and joy. Blessings to those lost,their families and friends. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

  40. Best wishes to you and your congregation.
    Thank you very much for the way you are honoring the 11.

  41. Lee and Liora Weinberg

    We wish all family members and survivors continued meaningful healing and strength. You and all the victims are constantly in our hearts and minds and prayers during this whole difficult time and difficult process.

  42. Arlyne zalaznick

    We will never forget these people who lost their lives for no reason. Hopefully the country can use these senseless murders to come together and heal.

  43. May the memories of the 11 lives lost be for a blessing. Let us hope and pray for peace and world filled with love and not hate. – David Brenner

  44. May those dear ones be remembered for a blessing and may we grow in love so we to eliminate hate crimes. Stronger together. Love not hate.

  45. Thinking of you and the loved ones you lost on this day last year, along with the countless other lives that have been lost solely because they were Jewish.

    Standing with you in spirit, and sending you light from New York City.

  46. Judith Alexander

    I stand with you and the Jewish people now and for as long as I live. I stand with you against hate. I will not be deterred from entering my synagogue.

  47. Praying and wishing for peace and healing for the family and friends of those lost to senseless, hateful anti-Semitic violence, to those injured and to those who witnessed the attack, as well as to all three congregations – Dor Hadash, New Light and Tree of Life * Or L’Simcha – Jewish Pittsburgh, Squirrel Hill and the broader community.

    May we all take on the wonderful attributes of those who were killed and make the world a better, brighter place.

  48. Remembering the innocent lives lost in a place that should be a sanctuary last year and remembering all the innocent lives lost over the millennium. Praying for our future.